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Colouring The Void – Episode Seven

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We’ve been hard at work on something to celebrate our fan(s).. so here we go !

Yes, the rumours are true … next Monday (June 8th) will be the first Colouring the Void Tupperware Party ! We will be celebrating containers of all shapes and sizes, speaking with special guest(s) (!!!) and having a big ol’ bash so come along !


Everything between now and that day is simply an obstacle for you to overcome on your path towards enlightenment and fulfilment. Ascend from your current form, vacuum seal your mind and live forever in the back freezer of the universe.


Hope to catch you there !!!!


  1. All Rolled Up - F Ingers
  2. Radio North South - Scar Tissue
  3. Encore - The Velvet Orchestra
  4. Tomato, Tomato - Courtesy
  5. World Detuning - Darla Smoking
  6. Nocturne Catacombs (DDS Remix) - Equip x death's dynamic shroud
  7. Itinerant Solitude - Cruel Diagonals
  8. Canyons - Noveller
  9. Meiga - Clara!
  10. Beat Goes On - Live - Primitive Calculators
  11. where to let our scars fall in love - Akira Rabelais
  12. D'Ya Hear Me? - Brenda Ray

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