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Colouring The Void – Episode Six

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Yoooo there is so much colouring the void going on rn u have no idea

This is our sixth episode !! Pretty much halfway through the season yeaaaa

This episode: Aussie classical composers, songs that sound like they should’ve been on Twin Peaks and a gentle earth hum.

5000 likes and I will upload this episode AND the instrumental stemsĀ for it


  1. VHS Country Ramble - American Monoxide
  2. Workaround Two - Beatrice Dillion
  3. Inner Pace - Gang Gang Dance
  4. Gossip - Lyra Pramuk
  5. The Swan - Julee Cruise
  6. The Home Of English Football - Clarence Clarity
  7. Di Primavera: I. Lively and steadily - Marie Grenfell, Claire Edwardes, Karin Schaupp
  8. Cave - Nuno Canavarro
  9. Slow - Nini Raviolette, Hugo Weis
  10. Time to Find Me (Come Inside) - Seefeel
  11. 5 Minutes (R-R-R Radio Mix) - Bonzo Goes To Washington
  12. I Want Troll With You - Gentle Dom Remix - Connan Mockasion, Andrew VanWyngarden

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