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Colouring The Void – Episode Three

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PRODUCER: Have you got any more ideas for me?

WRITER: Alright, I’ve got one more. It’s a radio show that aired on Monday May 4th, and plays ambient and weird music.

PRODUCER: Hmm, I’m not feeling too confident about this one…

WRITER: No no I’m not done! The big complication in this story is that they played too many songs that had drums in them.

PRODUCER: Drums? What has that got to do with any of it?

WRITER: Well… you see, ambient music isn’t supposed to have drums in it. It’s all about the space and the vibe and feeling like you’re floating in a giant egg and you’re the little yolk or something.

PRODUCER: Ok yeah, I understand what ambient music is, sometimes I struggle to sleep and I put on a bit of that Apex Legends or whatever. Isn’t it fine for experimental music to have drums though? 


PRODUCER: I’ve never heard of experimental music having “too much drums”. In fact, experimental music is sometimes just drums I guess.

WRITER: Yeah but… not for this scenario… 

PRODUCER: This really isn’t making any sense, how did you even come up with this stupid idea?

WRITER: Oh, I just listened to Colouring the Void – Episode Three on SYN.


  1. Irite - Kyoto Imperial Court Music Orchestra
  2. 13 Stereo - REQ
  3. Know - RIKI
  4. Agnes' Apparatus - Objekt
  5. One Day in Brunswick - Die Orangen
  6. 8 - XVARR
  7. Skipakoma - Gísli Gudmundsson
  8. Space Fighting - Cosmic Invention
  9. Death of a Cybermancer - Ex Aquis
  10. b a b e l a n d - a i r s p o r t s
  11. www.dubmarine.come - Darwin Chamber
  12. London Belongs to Me - Saint Etienne

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