Comedy: Jack Post, 10 Songs Each Better Than The Last

Sixty minutes. Ten songs. A promise that each number will exceed the last. So just how well did Melbourne International Comedy Festival newcomer and former SYN-er Jack Post fare?More famously known as Cackling Jack, a writer and producer on the Hamish & Andy Show, Post filled a seemingly dingy room in Melbourne’s Trades Hall with a level of cackles you could graph. And he did. By the fourth number he displayed an electronic bar graph indicating the audience’s enjoyment at his songs—he claimed that’s where his money from ticket sales went.Even so, nothing could spoil his grand entrance. Post began his performance as a magic act; the B.o.B song “Magic” blared through the make-shift theatre as he appeared to spring out of a cleverly inscribed ‘Magic Box’. In reality, however, the Michael Cera doppelganger slithered out noticeably from under the curtain while a voiceover praised his contortionist-like antics and referred to him as Tyrannosaurus-Flex. That was the extent of his tricks, but it was enough to tell the debut comic has rubbed shoulders with Hamish Blake.Initially presenting himself as a guy lacking confidence, Post’s first song teeters between a campfire sing-along and a cool blues scat as his thoughts reverberate around the room with a warning to himself not to give the audience too much too soon. He fails and the bar is set. An air of cockiness enters his next piece as he swaps an innocent song about “love trees” for one regarding a perverted ghost. Engrossed in his awesomeness, he leaves us with a looped guitar riff for his third number and takes an unnecessary break.The standout, surprisingly, was the Boner song whereby the end of it Post had everyone clapping in tune and singing overtly bawdy lyrics to a child’s melody, before leading the audience in chanting ‘no more smut’ in a bid to improve on his recently uncouth songs. Post has a natural likeability and comfort on stage, which could potentially transcend his humour into a long-standing career as a comedian.In a final sequence, three songs tell a story of a music-less future. Without giving everything away, Post eventually acquires the last song ever, a situation reminiscent of Tenacious D’s “Tribute”. His decision to play it could be dire, but overrun by his drive to entertain he shares it with a crowd who has not stopped riling with laughter the entire show.Suiting a younger nonchalant audience, Jack Post’s comedy stylings are somewhat jovial but that doesn’t make him any less entertaining. Complete with mockumentary video packages, a sombrero spectacle and some Grease musicality, Cackling Jack’s first solo show 10 Songs Each Better Than The Last is regular by no means and will have you bopping along to his tunes long after the set has ended.Jack Post’s 10 Songs Each Better Than The Last runs until April 21 at Trades Hall, Melbourne. For more information visit Jessica Buccolieri

April 15th 2013
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