COMEDY REVIEW – Loyiso Gola: ‘Dude Where’s My Lion?’ @ Melbourne Town Hall


Loyiso Gola’s candid comedy has finally made it to Australia with his show ‘Dude Where’s My Lion?’. Although Gola’s comedic talents have not gone unnoticed in Australia with Gola acting as a regular comic on ABC’s The Weekly, Gola’s show provides a more personal look at his life in South Africa and his experience in coming to Australia for the first time.

From discussion of avocado ads in the middle of Iron Man 2, to kicking the shit out of a friend during Salat, Gola’s comedy is comforting and edgy. His delivery of jokes was very casual and open. His ability to talk to people in the audience and improvise his routine accordingly was impressive.

A miss in Gola’s performance was aspects of his Australian routine. Talking about Australians to Australians is something that can be a miss for international comedians. The typical bogan accent acquired in this skit was overdone and usually disconnected from the shows in major Australian cities. It felt like an easy stereotype to make coming from an unfamiliar place.

Nevertheless Gola’s performance pushed the boundaries in a way that was nice. His views on police in America, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Islamophobia was warm and sharp. His show ended in a way that was personal, political and overall fun, which perfectly sums up his show.

Loyiso Gola is a fresh and fun South African comedian that is sure to give you a good night out.

Words by Maria Dunne.

Loyiso Gola’s show ‘Dude Where is my Lion? ‘ is on at the Melbourne Town Hall till the 16th of April.

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