COMEDY REVIEW – Will Anderson: ‘Critically Wil’ @ Comedy Theatre


Wil Anderson’s Critically Wil gave Melbourne audiences plenty of reasons as to why he continues to be one of the most recognisable comedians in Australia even after twenty years. After multiple TV, radio and podcast stints, stand-up is where he is most comfortable, and most importantly, funny.

Beginning the show with Donald Trump, which may seem overdone at this point despite how topical it continues to be, but thankfully Wil managed to make it relevant to his life as he told the hilarious story of his plane landing into Los Angeles as the US election results came in.

Wil interrupted his show to address the latecomers coming in, making quickfire jokes on the spot from the answers to his questions, showing his impressive improv chops.

A range of topics were covered – vaccinations, climate change, women, politics, media, Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’, millennials, his osteoarthritis, Americans who think they are “the best at everything” and more. All this delivered fast and frivolously with his usual over-the-top hand gestures. There was a surprise lack of sexual humour which he has incorporated in his previous stand-up, but this was almost refreshing as sex jokes are as common as Donald Trump gags these days.

Fans of his work and those looking for an experienced comedian to make them laugh will not be disappointed.

Words by Stefan Bradley.

Wil Anderson’s Critically Wil is touring Australia now.

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