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From comics to art: Melbourne artist’s Spider-man homecoming

Spider-Man 1 (1)

by Caroline Tung

You may have passed the Spider-Man mural many times outside Melbourne Central, but are you keen to know more? The master behind the artwork tells his story.

It’s a wall begging for a selfie.

Local artist Sam Yong’s Spider-Man mural is the latest artwork on show in Melbourne’s iconic Knox Lane outside Melbourne Central.

“I treated (the wall) like an action set piece, a fight scene rather than just one piece of art,” Yong says.

“It’s quite a long and narrow wall… so instead of just one big image, I broke it down and I treated it more like a storyboard, or a comic book strip, so I can have multiple scenes in the same artwork.”

The project, commissioned by global entertainment giant Sony Pictures, took three days to create from start to finish.

“This is probably one of the biggest commercial jobs that I’ve had before,” Yong says. “I really wanted to do the character justice, because I like Spider-Man so much and been a big fan of the comic books for a very long time.

“I wanted to do a really good job.”

To stay true to the new Spider-Man: Homecoming film, Yong did not redesign the costumes. The artwork makes a clear distinction between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the classic Spider-Man franchise.

“I didn’t really want to just slap movie artwork onto the wall,” Yong says.

“I wanted to make a little cohesive comic book, something that would hold interest as you walked past it… as well as inform people about the new movie.”

For Yong, reading comic books spurred an interest for drawing at the age of 11.

Now 30, he believes digital media has made life easier for commercial artists.

“There’s an app called Procreate and it works with an Ipad and the Apple stylist pin. It feels quite like traditional painting except everything is done digitally, which is pretty cool.”


The mural is currently on display to promote the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie.

Feature image: Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.