Leadership Team

Radio Managers – Celeste Chan, Jake Stevens, Connor Matthews – radiomanager [at] syn.org.au

Music Managers – Alice Carlton, Karvesh Pillai – music [at] syn.org.au

1700 Music Manager – Emily-Layne Kapetanovic music.tv [at] syn.org.au

Podcast Managers – Tom Denham – podcasts [at] syn.org.au

Music Talks Manager – Marli Dean – music.talks [at] syn.org.au

Specialist Talks Manager – Millie Spencer – specialist.talks [at] syn.org.au

Arts Talks Manager – Position vacant, email the Art Smitten EPs instead – [email protected]

Breakfast Talks Manager – Position vacant, email the Get Cereal EPs instead – getcereal@syn.org.au

1700 Talks Manager – Sarah Davenport – tv.talks [at] syn.org.au

Features Manager – Ben Polazzon – features [at] syn.org.au

1700 EPs – Katerina Kostakos, Sarah Thomas – 1700 [at] syn.org.au

Amplify Co-EPs – Nick Sarlos-Welsh, Thiruavani Arunachalam-Elanthendral – amplify [at] syn.org.au

Art Smitten EP – Imogen Wait – artsmitten [at] syn.org.au

Asian Pop Nation EP – Xenia Sanut – asianpop [at] syn.org.au

Get Cereal EP & AP – Vidita Sharma, Portia Horsfall – getcereal [at] syn.org.au

Hip Hop EP – Victoria Rudnikov – hiphop [at] syn.org.au

The Hoist EPs – Riley Geary-Goodwin, Selin Kaya – hoist [at] syn.org.au

Housemates EP – Nick Speed – housemates [at] syn.org.au

In Joke EP – Position vacant, email the Specialist Talks Manager instead – [email protected]

Loud & Queer EP – Laura Green – loudandqueer [at] syn.org.au

Moshpit EP – Ben Holt – moshpit [at] syn.org.au

Naughty Rude EP – Eartha Hewett – naughtyrude [at] syn.org.au

New & Approved EP – Nathan Wong – newandapproved [at] syn.org.au

Panorama Co-EPs – Emile Pavlich, Angus Thomson – panorama [at] syn.org.au

Player One EP – Jacob Scanlan – playerone [at] syn.org.au

Raise The Platform EP – Rachael Vassallo – raisetheplatform [at] syn.org.au

Represent EPs – Viet Bui, Tal Sardone – represent [at] syn.org.au

The Sports Desk Co-EPs – Kendra Jewell, James Worth – sportsdesk [at] syn.org.au

Sunday Sweets EP – Position vacant, email the Music Talks Manager instead – [email protected]