Leadership Team

LT 2022 list

Please note all of these people are volunteers and may not respond during regular business hours.


Programming Lead
– Dragan Tomic [email protected]
Scheduling and broadcasting enquiries related to Flagship programming.

Seasonal Lead – Lily Crisp [email protected]
Scheduling, broadcasting and application enquiries related to Seasonal programming.

Regional Lead – Position vacant,  please email Programming Lead[email protected]
Scheduling and broadcasting enquiries related to Hub programming.


Podcast Lead – Nicolas Dellaportas 
[email protected]
Application, training and development enquiries related to SYN’s podcasting platforms.

Features Lead – Position vacant, please email Music Talks Lead [email protected]
Online features (film, TV, music, books, art, and culture reviews) enquiries.

Social Leads – Jack Davidson and Xenia Sanut[email protected]
Social media content and collaboration enquiries.


Music Leads – Grace Dudley, Louis Parkinson & Vanessa Violo
[email protected]
Music submissions and feature music play-listing enquiries.

Music Talks Lead – Thomas O’Brien[email protected]
Interviews enquiries and support for Flagship music programs (The Hoist, New & Approved, Sunday Sweets, Asian Pop Nation, The Hip Hop Show, Moshpit, and Housemates). Please also contact the selected program EP/s too.

Specialist Talks Lead – Jacob Scanlon [email protected]
Interview enquires and support for Flagship talk programs (Art Smitten, Get Cereal, In Joke, Represent, Ready Player One, Panorama, Loud & Queer, The Naughty Rude Show, and Raise The Platform). Please also contact the selected program EP/s too.


Amplify EP – Isabella Coldbeck[email protected]
Under 18s only!

Art Smitten EPs – Cristina Ulloa Sobarzo & Portia Horsfall[email protected]
Narrm/Melbourne and Australian arts and culture.

Asian Pop Nation EP – Lishalini[email protected]
Dedicated to Asian music and culture.

Get Cereal EPs – Chris Horsfall & Liam Smith-Thompson[email protected]
Say good morning to some breakfast radio content.

Hip Hop Show EP – Michelle Sibanda [email protected]
The home of local and international hip hop.

The Hoist EPs – Tess Barber & Rebecca Martyn[email protected]
Giving local music a lift!

Housemates EP – Position Vacant, email Programming Lead [email protected]
The house of electronic and dance music on SYN.

In Joke EP – Position vacant, email the Specialist Talks Lead – [email protected]
Comedy lounge but make it radio.

Loud & Queer EP – Sammy Perryman[email protected]
The voice of queer youth and music.

Moshpit EP – Hannah Pratt[email protected]
Open the pit for punk and metal night on SYN.

Naughty Rude EPs – India Barrow & Zack Goutzoulas[email protected]
All things sexuality, gender, identity, relationships, and mental health.

New & Approved EP – Jemma Perelaer[email protected]
Fresh new music from around the world.

Panorama EPs – Gemma Grant & Kendra Jewell[email protected]
News and current affairs.

Player One EPs – Demitra McCarthy & Eleni Thomas[email protected]
We’re talking video games!

Raise The Platform EP – Rachael Vasallo[email protected]
Telling the stories and experiences of young people with disabilities.

Represent EPs – George Kostakos & Mimi Hoffman[email protected]
The hour of politics.

The Sports Desk EPs – Position vacant, please email Programming Lead[email protected]

Sunday Sweets EP – Sarah Davenport [email protected]
Spinning SYN’s Sweet 16 and Feature Albums.

1700 EPs – Andrew Irving & Eliza Saville 
[email protected]
A SYNx RMITV Music TV show supporting Australian artists, broadcasting online and on Channel 31.

1700 Music Lead – Julia Vitiello[email protected]
Music video submissions and enquiries.

1700 Talks Lead – Taymouth Brook[email protected]
1700 artist interview and performance enquiries.