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Episode 4

As January moves into February, wide-eyed optimisim is tempered by pragmatisim and reality.

With the changing of months and the fading of summer, the inital excitement of rediscovering second hand records on air is waning. In its place, a more critical outlook and a greater willingness to acknowledge that not every record in the op-shop deserves a second life in 2018.

Episode 4 dusts off Charley Pride’s 1973 ‘Sweet Country’ and Tanya Tucker’s 1980 ‘Dreamlovers’. Despite flecks of musical gold, their respectively underwhelming sound saw both earn ‘Drop’ status on the Op-shop Vinyl Cop ranking charts.

But as the great Rocky Balboa says in Rocky VI “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows”. The dusty disorganised vinyl shelves of the local thrift shop aren’t all stacked with forgotten bangers. Some are mediocre. And that’s okay. In this life, you gotta take the good with the bad, and sometimes that means giving something possibly disappointing a go.


  1. Pennsylvania 6500 - Joe Loss
  2. A Fifth of Beethoven - Walter Murphy
  3. Don't Fight the Feeling of Love - Charley Pride
  4. The Happiest Song on the Jukebox - Charley Pride
  5. The Shelter of your Eyes - Charley Pride
  6. I've Got Somebody - Tanya Tucker
  7. Can I See you Tonight - Tanya Tucker
  8. My Song - Tanya Tucker
  9. If I Loved You - Kamahl
  10. Me and Mrs Jones - Billy Paul
Jack Fryer

February 13th 2018
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