SO.crates – Static Methods (EP) review


A hip hop Ep includes hip hop beats that are similar and comparable to the nineties era of hip hop and vocals that are also comparable to the hip hop scene and sound of the nineties and early two-thousands. Recommend this EP to anyone who is a fan of J Dilla, Notorious B.I.G, P Diddy, Roy Ayers, Mndsgn, Nelson Dialect, Alnitak Kid, Sunset cities or anyone who likes listening to these artists. Personal favorite tracks on static methods are Kush and Divide. Mellowdias Thump team includes Cazeaux O.S.L.O., GSM and Skomes is known for organizing and running party events under the name of Mellowdias Thump would recommend anyone who enjoys Hip Hop music to see the Mellowdais Thump events. Give the EP a listen on Bandcamp, see SO. Crates perform the EP live at their gigs which are inclusive of people and a comfortable feel to the shows they do. The music on the EP is a mixture of singing , rapping, jazz, funk, rhythm and blues, hip hop music and soul. The EP was released in 2016 and keeps up to today’s music. The EP features Matt on the moon who is a guest vocalist, Allysha Joy and Mike Thesis to name some artists on static methods. If able to the preferred way to listen to this EP by myself is to listen to this EP by SO.crates is Vinyl record if able to be accessed by anyone. Usually found at local Hip Hop based or Beat based Hip Hop record stores in Melbourne from my findings.  A peaceful, free-spirited, easy-going EP to listen to.


Bandcamp Link to Static Methods:


  1. Kush - SO.Crates
  2. Eloise - SO.Crates
  3. Glissalude - SO.Crates
  4. Her hands - SO.Crates (feat Allysha Joy)
  5. Eight12 Lude - SO.Crates
  6. Eloise Remix - SO.Crates(feat. Matt On The Moon)
  7. Saltfish and Sinnerman - SO.Crates (feat Mike Thesis)
  8. Divide - SO.Crates (feat Allysha Joy)
  9. OutroThankU - SO.Crates


Kush 02:14
Eloise Original (She Do Knot No Me) 03:43
Glissalude 01:50
Her Hands (feat Allysha Joy) 05:49
Eight12 Lude 01:06
Eloise Remix (feat. Matt On The Moon) 04:13
Saltfish and Sinnerman (feat Mike Thesis) 04:36
(Divide) feat. Allysha Joy 05:00
OutroThankU 01:38


Jitan Chander