Cults – ‘Cults’

The self titled debut for Cults is, well… totally awesome. There was considerable hype around them last year when people first heard ‘Go Outside’, the second track on their debut. They’ve capitalised on the momentum built up from last year and released a fantastic indie pop record.

Cults are a New York based band made up of Madeline Follin on Vocals and Brian Oblivion on everything else, two former film school students originally from San Diego. 
After a listen of this record one thing is guaranteed, you will be singing these tunes non-stop because they are catchy as hell. The melodies are reminiscent of 60’s pop but are complimented by the layered arrangements. 
These songs are carefully crafted, from the beats and atmospheric sounds to Follin’s sweet teen-like voice. At first listen they seem simple because the melodies are so catchy but after the first listen you really appreciate what is happening behind Frollin’s vocals. 
Some of the more enjoyable moments are when Brian joins Madeline with lead vocals on ‘Bumper’ and record opener ‘Abducted’, which is a particular highlight. ‘Never Saw the Point’ probably has one of the coolest arrangements, particularly with the old school 60’s beat and everything else going on around it. Throughout the whole album the use of samples and synths gives it a slightly Animal Collective feel, perfectly blending old school pop and contemporary indie sounds.
The single from the album ‘Oh My God’ is unquestionably a favourite. While sometimes the lyrics sometimes seem simple, much in the vein of Best Coast, there’s never a feeling of cliché or cheesiness. 
If you have heard of Cults before then you will certainly enjoy this album and if you haven’t well you’re in for a splendid surprise. It has been a quick rise to popularity but this debut certainly consolidates there position amongst 2011’s most exciting bands. 
– Gabe Andrews