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Cultural Tours – A Way to Close the Gap?


In the 2011 Australian Census the unemployment rate for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People was at 17.2 percent while the unemployment rate for Non-Indigenous People sat at 5.5%. This is just one of many statistics that show the gap between the two groups. In the Kimberley region work has begun at the local level to increase employment, over the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of local based Aboriginal tourscompanies aimed at showing visitors to the region the rich culture & amazing landscape of the Kimberley region. Is this a way to help close the gap?

Welcome to Yakanarra

Yakanarra is small community about 130 km southeast of Fitzroy Crossing, it has a population of around 100 people and has a variaty of basic services such as a shop, school, workshop, community centres & is the home to Walmajarri Cultural Tours. Have a look around the community below:

The community was founded in 1989 by Walmajarri elder Hanson Boxer who selected the current site because of its traditional and sacred significance to the local Walmajarri People.

The Tour

At the visitors center in Fitzroy Crossing you get loaded into the back of two Troopies and driven out through the stunning Fitzroy Valley to a variety of different sacred & stunning sites in and around Yakanarra and the Saint George Ranges. Watch the video below:


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