Current Flagship

These programs are the cream of the SYN crop. They air in important timeslots all year round and are managed by an Executive Producer, who has a year long tenure at the helm. They cater for a specific audience that SYN feels is under-represented in other media and provide highly sort after hosting positions for SYNners!

The Flagship programs take on new SYN radio makers with the change of each season and thrive on combining numerous resources to make one super program.


90.7 Flagships

Get Cereal Panorama Schools On-Air Amplify The Hoist The Sports Desk Asian Pop Nation SYN Hip-Hop Moshpit New & Approved Raise the Platform Sunday Sweets In Joke Tonight The Naughty Rude Show ​

SYN Nation Flagships

Art Smitten ​Represent Player One Breaking Curfew ​