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The Curse Of The Mum Friend – Ep. 01

Troll Foods Logo only words

A fictional radio program that tells the story of two young employees of a fantasy supermarket called Troll Foods – Where The Prices Are Magic!

In today’s episode, Milly with the help of her friend Florence attempts to break out of the magical curse of being the ‘work mum’ to impress Gary – the hot elf from the fresh produce section. Unfortunately this has unforeseen consequences and traps them all in a stocktake from hell. Will they be able to save the day and return the store to normal before it opens in the morning? Will Milly be able to break the curse of the mum friend and impress Gary? Can you find true love with an enchanted mirror?

Credits: Script written by Gill Langford and Merryn McDonnell. Episode directed, and edited by Evrim Şen. Characters portrayed by in order of apperance –

  • Advertisement Announcer and The Enchanted Mirror – Matthew Con’el
  • Florence – Merryn McDonnel
  • Milly – Gill Langford
  • Psychic and The Oracle – Jamal Soubjaki
  • Gary – Declan Jones
  • Lotte the Troll – Samara Barr

Produced at SYN Media and recorded in studio three, SYN Nation, aired on SYN 90.7FM on the 8th of January, 2017. Sound Effects used under Creative Commons Licensing, music created by Ayda Akbal. Tune in to Troll Foods on SYN 90.7 every Sunday at 4pm or by streaming online. Subscribe through Omny or iTunes to stay up to date! Like us on Facebook! #TrollFoodsSYN on Twitter.


  1. Deep Dream - Ayda Akbal
  2. Cascade - Ayda Akbal

January 9th 2017
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