Dance The Eggs Away

Gadzooks! It’s a crazy little thing called…
Something Completely Different! In this episode, we were obsessed with providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the show. We also tested the ethical limits of little Tommy Needham with a brand new segment titled How Low Can You Go. Also this episode, we brought Yahooligans! back, discussed more Vom news and touched upon a wild and wacky selection of extraneous subjects. Basically, this was one of the strangest shows we’ve ever done. If the mics were on between the songs, you’d have heard us cackling madly, caught in the sway of sheer absurdity. (See? Behind the scenes!) Anyway, be sure to grab your stream/download of the entire show. We’ve made it available at the address listed below. In fact, we’ve uploaded our entire back catalogue, so feel free to indulge yourselves. Go on: go nuts!

What do you think of the music we play on SCD? If you’d like to let us know, then please, get in touch. We’ll take basically anything, even if it’s blatantly abusive. Anyway, here’s a list of tunes we played on this week’s show. Ready? Set! Read!
PLAYLIST: Season Four, Episode Eight
Chairlift – I Belong In Your Arms
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine
Superhumanoids – Geri
The Mary Onettes – Will I Ever Be Ready
Ladyhawke – Morning Dreams

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April 4th 2012
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