“Dancing Back And Forth, Covered In Whipped Cream” – Kins

As an early winter chills us down to a molecular level it’s probably about time that people start shifting away from the nostalgic surf-driven pop of the last six months and snuggle into some cosier, comfier beats. Enter Melbourne based Kins to remind us all to zip up our winter coats and wear sensible shoes.

Although their latest effort Dancing Back and Forth Covered in Whipped Cream would, thematically, appear to have a summery vibe they take a more icy approach with stripped back rhythm and softly spoken prose. It’s refreshing to hear vocals that are mixed above the clatter of instruments, as releases as of late have been washed out, whimsical little things and we’ve come to recognise lyrics as an echo in the background rather than the driving force behind a song.
‘Lake Troposphere’, the first single from the mini-LP, is a tentatively constructed pop gem. With a voice that harks back to Thom Yorke’s tones on Hail to the Thief vocalist Thomas Savage denies his last-name and sings with soft refrain that makes you feel like you’re being let in on a secret. The band itself play with the same withheld sensitivity, full of fuzz and melancholy, it makes listening to this album such a joy and a truly personal experience.
The Australian pop scene has always steered in a separate direction to our American counter-parts and although the folk injected projects of the past were a lovely addition to our musical history it is nice to see bands heading away from that and delving into stripped back constructions and songs that are carefully mixed rather than playing them through hiss and reverb to add an air of mystery.
Kins’ latest LP is no-frills, honest and unapologetic and a welcome addition to anyone’s music collection. It’s a breath of fresh air, even if it is a chilly one.
– Jonty Thompson