Day 1+2 at SYN

Day one of work experience started with me walking down the wrong steet. Admittedly, i started panicking, but after re-tracing my steps and making my way down to the house of SYN i was only two or three minutes late (and everyone was in a meeting so they didnt even notice!)
My first task was to type up a brainstorm from a meeting, which almost took an hour. When i was finished with that i actually had a better idea of SYN’s aims and values. After that, i was able to go out around RMIT and interview students for voxpops, which i then got to edit. It was quite interesting to hear the answers from the students at RMIT, and also to see the whole editing process. I didn’t realise that so much work had to go into it before the final copy aired on radio.
Today i went down to the studio and sat in with Croxton and Warringa Park schools. I was observing and also learing how to press the buttons. At 12 o’clock the Victoria Uni students were supposed to produce their weekly radio show, but they didn’t show up, so i had to help fill in the time. I got to choose many of the  songs that were played and i even had some on-air time chatting with Travis! It was a really cool new experience, although i was quite nervous.
When i came back from the studio i had to listen to Get Cereal’s show which aired this morning, and give feeback as to how i thought the show went. It was acutally really funny and i enjoyed listening to it. After being on the radio myself, i definitely understand how hard it is to know what to say and to be smooth with timing etc. so i was impressed with Get Cereal’s show. Now here i am, typing this blog (which I’m supposed to be doing for a whole hour –  so i guess i can take my time!)
These first two days have been a lot of fun and it is awesome constantly having good music in the background of whatever i’m doing 🙂


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