Day 2: Camera 3!

Hiya! It’s Joanna, So today was day two of work experience! Our tasks were a little more foreign but were amusing.We got straight into it by attempting to come up with ideas for promos and ID’s (which are basically the little ‘promos’ and reminders that you’re listening to SYN). HONESTLY it was pretty difficult trying to be spontaneous and creative but desiree and i pulled through and managed to get a few good ones by impersonating Arnald Swartsaneger (SPeLin?) and i think there was one about a dog on fire? Anyway back to the day, the studio was awesome to hang out in, i duely apologise to the person managing the security camera for putting up with my headphone robot impersonations…. but it was pretty cool fiddling around with all the radio equipment.After break we re-met Declan and he showed us how to edit and improve all our promo recordings-a sad reminder of how Jen Barber i am with computers. However I’m resonably happy with them and i’m looking forward to some more editing time! To end the day we went to the channel 31 studio! It was just simply cool. Initially i thought we were just going to observe and learn a few tricks of the trade but of course, WE FILMED THE SHOW 1700. Thank god that there were two other practiced camera-manners in with us to help us out but weeeeeeeeeeeworhf, the director kept telling me to do stuff throught the headphones “camera three, move left a bit”, “camera three, do a nice zoom from the tv screen to the hosts”, whilst dying inside i actually had a lot of fun, the music played was pretty groovy and yeah it was fabulous. i’m out bye 🙂   

October 1st 2013
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