Day 3: Flour

Helloo again, Joanna est ici c’etait le troisieme jour aujoud’hui. It was a bit more of a chilled day (kindaaaa). We started off again editing our promos, after finally finishing them we shared them with eachother which was kinda funny because the rustyness of my adobe skills had become bluntly obvious hahah it was just very alternative.. After some super super fun paper work we had our break where Desiree bought a $4.50 muffin waaaa the finacial rise in flour these days… Later, we met Eddie who gave us some tips on how to write and present a news report, it was suprisingly straight forward, whilst Desiree tackled the growing crisis in America i dove for the facts about the two-year-old boy whom had a twin foetus growing inside of him. At 4 we went to the studio and watched the usual team do their magic which was pretty cool>i’m always so jealous of people who have nice radio voices. Annnd all to soon it was five o’clock and the time to bless the world with our mere knowledg. It went ok, i muddled my words a little but it was quite invigorating. After that we ripped some music, i didn’t acutally know what the proper turn for imporing and sorting music on computors but there you go: rip music. I have to do that allllll the time so it was also pretty easy and relaxing.  Till tomorrow,wow it’s gone so quickly :/byeeee 

October 2nd 2013
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