Day 3: Work Experience @ SYN

Day 3 has been wet so far. Yes, that’s the only thing I can remember about it, and it isn’t even over yet – junior Alzheimer’s much?
After a moment of incredibly deep reflection and self-examination, I think I can now detail what I did today. First off, I did some more data entry for Emma, which I found a lot easier than it was the first time, since a) there wasn’t as much to do and b) I was so accustomed to it that it didn’t require much brain power after the first five minutes (during which I had to remember what to do – again, junior Alzheimer’s).
When I’d finished this, Emma got me to do some copywriting, so after reading the examples and the briefs, I got to work writing some scripts. I ended up paraphrasing a lot, but got three scripts written. Emma gave me some feedback, and I made an attempt to improve the scripts. I also got a lot of exercise from running up and down the stairs, which is always a bonus.
I’m now attempting to pad out the hour by writing an unnecessarily long blog entry, and then I’m going to go down to the studio and sit in with New and Approved to watch them do their show. New and Approved is one of those shows that I never get to listen to, since they’re on right after Objection, and I was always on the train home when they were on air. Fortunately this time, I get to sit right there and watch them do it. (I mean that in the least creepy way possible.)


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