day 4

I started late on my fourth day, got in at 2, had heaps of time for sleep which was good. 
When I came in, Emma got me to do some envelope stuff, stamping. After I had done that, I think Emma showed me the Free Kick bands, I can’t really remember..but I think that’s what happened next. I started going through the enormous list. Some of them weren’t so good, but a fair bit were.
After a while, I think I had a break from 4 till 4:40. I had to come back earlier than usual because I was going to watch the filiming of 1700, the New and Approved music show.
When I got back, Emma and I walked to the studio, which wasn’t too far away. I got to actually be on the set which was really cool. I helped doing floor stuff, like writing down stuff for the presenters to say, if there was a break coming up, or what song they were going to/had just played. I also helped count the presenters in from 30 seconds, which was pretty scary to be honest, in case I stuffed up. I really liked helping out on set, it was pretty awesome to see how stuff worked and to know what goes on behind the scenes.
I left at 6 and headed back to the house for the music meeting. I got showed how to rip c.d’s and what exactly goes down at these meetings. I reaaaaaaaaaaaalllly liked the Cloud Control album, ‘Bliss Release’. I thought it was really good and I think I will have to buy it. Also had a listen to the Boy & Bear album, which was nice.
I left at 7, had a pretty sweet day overall.

May 7th 2010
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