Day 4+5: Work Experience @ SYN

Well, Firefox just crashed and deleted everything I’ve written so far. This is why I usually use Google Chrome. /subtle plug
Thursday was pretty eventful. I spent the first few hours running errands for Emma, which I treated like a treasure hunt. After that, I stuck up some posters for the Hoist Unplugged, took a break, and then Emma took me down to Channel 31 to watch a live filming of 1700, which was a lot of fun. It’s pretty different from radio – it’s a lot more organised than what I’m used to, but it was great to see how it was all put together.
Emma’s not here today, so I’ve been completing some tasks she left me. I tidied up the marketing box, reviewed an episode of 1700, and right now I’m attempting to finish up the SYN Virtual Tour. I took photos of the route from the House of SYN to Melbourne Central, and from Melbourne Central to the SYN studios. Unfortunately, all the instructions I wrote up were lost after Firefox decided it didn’t want to live anymore. That’s why I’m posting this first! 
Work experience at SYN this week has been great – I’ve been able to see many of the different things that go on at SYN, as well as take part in some of them. I’ve also had a taste of all the admin work as well, and I have a newfound respect for this other side of SYN. So thanks heaps to Emma for guiding me this week, and finding me fun activities to do.


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