Day 5: The Grand Finale :’)

“…The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!  Above: the life lesson I learned from Belle today and from the whole team of staff and volunteers at SYN throughout my week here! And yes, I’m actually at the end of this phenomenal week; at the grand finale of this fantastic experience.  I can’t believe how fast this week has gone – nor will anyone when they come to do work experience at SYN!!  Just warning you guys, the properties of time work differently at the House of SYN.  🙂  The highlight of today: you’ve guessed it (and in doing so you’ve probably done a lot better than I have, as I was completely surprised when Kristina told me what was on the agenda for the morning!!) (drumroll) (drumroll) – the highlight of today was HOSTING MY OWN RADIO SHOW WOOOO with the help of the INCREDIBLE, MULTI-TALENTED BELLE, a committed volunteer at SYN who is, in the words of Kristina, ‘practically part of the furniture at SYN’.  Belle helped me go through the whole process of preparation for the show – brainstorming and discussing ideas and giving me her personal insight into the world of radio journalism.  Her enthusiasm was definitely contagious – her dedication and passion for the job was wonderful to witness – and her friendly, bubbly nature put me at ease prior to, and during another out-of-comfort-zone but fabulous experience!!  I am now so inspired by Belle to get out into the world of journalism, seize every opportunity I get, learn all there is to be learned, and go to all the go-able places I can!! 🙂  Anyway, we came up with the title, “As You Like It” for the radio show and we chose topics from strange phobias to exciting new movies.  I also got to choose all the songs for the show (which I had burned onto the CD the previous night without realising that I was going to be able to give others a taste of my musical favourites!) and thankfully, they linked well with all the topics we chose!!  Belle, like all the rest of the gifted SYN team, seemed to possess some type of spell (she calls it experience :P) which enabled her to multi-task with a magical efficiency – she talked, switched from microphones to music, explained technicailties to me, changed the schedule, switched between music tracks, adjusted the volume all in a matter of minutes.  I watched spell-bound- to the point that I actually didn’t start the intro on time, though I think that was more the result of sheer nervousness.  Also made a few errors but you know what, it’s all part of the learning process and Belle was incredibly supportive throughout!! 😛  She cued me before I was on to start each segment, asked questions to maintain the flow of the show, and managed the audio with, as I mentioned before, magical efficiency 🙂  Thank you Belle, for an unforgettable radio show and all the best for a brilliant future  😀 The rest of the day was just wrapping up things; finishing the ID I was creating, writing this post, and lamenting the fact that THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF WORK EXPERIENCE WITH SYN. I’d like to say now to all the SYN people, thank you soooo much for giving me this fantastic opportunity, for your patience, your lessons, your committment, your enthusiasm and your inspiring stories.  Thanks to Kristina in particular for your fabulous support throughout this week – you are an incredible work experience coordinator and I’d like to say to all potential work experience people out there, you will definitely be in safe hands with Kristina!!  The work that SYN is doing for youth involved in journalism – the huge array of opportunities which SYN provides for aspiring journalists -everything about SYN is incredible and I hope that sometime in the future I can become a part of the magical team that is SYN media. 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you and I’m truly going to miss SYN!! 

November 29th 2013
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