day 5

Got to the House at around 11, an earlier start than Wednesday and Thursday.
I started going through the rest of the Free Kick bands, a little more ruthlessly than yesterday.
.Mr Walker came in whilst I was going through the Free Kick bands. He talked to me about what I learned, some music, and the stuff I had done during the week.
After Mr Walker left, Emma sent me to the studio to sit in on a Schools on Air show with Antonio. It was amusing to say the least. The school was Simmonds, the school with which my school is having the Ball later this year. Gotta say, the levels of testosterone in that room was insane. They had some trouble with their segments, didn’t really know how to go into detail or converse with one another. They played trance remixes, which I really really hate. Besdies that, there were some funny moments.
When that was finished, I came back to the House of SYN and finished off my top 5 of the Free Kick bands. My favourite was definitely ‘Lovin You’ by The Frowning Clouds. I also chose ‘Hells Bells and Chattels’ by The Bon Scotts, ‘Gin Dreams’ by Wilfred Jackal, ‘Two Sides of a Door’ by Yeo and ‘Scene of the Crime’ by Hot Little Hands. I also found the Panti Christs pretty amusing. 
I had an hour break, got sushi and came back at 3. And now here I am doing my blog. I really loved my week at SYN, it’s definitely been an eye opener as to what I plan to do when I leave school. I’m glad I came here for work experience, the people have been cool, sitting in on shows has been fun and going through new music has been great.
and I think I’m gonna try force my school to let my year level have a go at doing Schools on Air.

May 7th 2010
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