Day Four: Stepping Stones and the Bigger Picture

 Thursday  Unfortunately missed out on Wednesday at SYN but returned excited and enthusiastic for the day ahead.  The great thing about work experience at SYN is that everything is a building block or a stepping stone towards something bigger and better! Wrapping CDs taught me responsibility and commitment to a job that turned out to be more fun and challenging than it first appeared! (as you can probably tell, I derive my ‘fun and challenging’ in life from very unique sources – Adobe Audition developed skills I never had and taught me that technology isn’t as impossible as I thought!  Finally, today I combined these skills to put together and edit voxpops for a segment on the current affairs show Panaroma.  Again, it was an incredible privilege to work with the Panaroma team, and I’d like to thank them as well! – particularly Yara and Emma who patiently took me through the process of preparation for the show.  I discovered what immense amounts of time and energy is put in, what lengths the team go to for sheer love of their art.   I also got an insight into the process of putting together a radio show – the beautiful organisation which goes into piecing together the main script, the separate news stories, the interviews – the technological miracle that is Adobe Audition, a program which I am sure every journalist must find indispensable!!  Enthusiasm, pro-activeness and professionalism is likewise indispensable in media, as I quickly learned from Yara and the rest of the team as they collected information, booked interviews, wrote scripts, did interviews, edited audio with astounding speed and efficiency!  Yara also accompanied me to vox pop people about a story Emma was doing on online shopping – another nerve-racking, out-of-comfort-zone, but awesome experience!! I also got the chance, as I mentioned earlier, to apply my limited Adobe Audition knowledge (with Yara’s assistance!) to combine the separate vox pops and add a backing track before it was aired along with the rest of the show!! The best part was sitting in the studio and listening to the collective result of the day’s labours being aired live and watching audience feedback filter in through Facebook and Twitter!  People were tuning in and getting engaged!  Yayyy!! 🙂  To WRAP up the day (can you spot the pun?!) 😛 I finished wrapping the whole box of CDs!  Yet another mini accomplishment to complete another fascinating day at SYN.  🙂

November 28th 2013
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