Day two; 1700 and Blogging

Today was actually awesome, it’s like every day at SYN gets better and better, despite the fact I have only been at SYN for two days. My day started off by entering the Warm and cosy house of SYN, after being out in the freezing cold and saying hello to the wonderful Kristina. When everyone else arrived we started the day by doing admin and writing our first blog entries because there was a fault on the website the night before. Admin actually doesn’t seem that bad anymore, there was music in the background and we were having awesome conversations about random things that hardly make any sense. After we finished our blogs and admin we watched some 1700 clips on YouTube to get us PUMPED and FULLED with ENGERY, for later on when we get to experience the 1700 live! At 4 when we had finished our break and did a little more admin we got picked up by Georgia (1700 member) who took us to the channel 31. We then got introduced to the host Tessa and Dom and crew members, we had an interesting chat about how Tessa lived next to a Pet serial killer, which was interesting and I found out the Dom is a musical fan. We then Signed in and went into the studio were Georgia showed us around and told us how briefly how everything worked. We watched them set up and had a few laughs with the hosts. They then went over a few camera basics and told us that were going to be filming for the live show which was awesome and made me a little nerves. But we then got told how to do the basic time signals like counting down from ten with fingers and how signal fifteen seconds and thirty seconds. We also got these awesome head phones were we could communicate with each other! When we went live we had a camera manager Mel who helped us out with everything. Also the bass player from ‘mammoth mammoth’ came in for an interview which was pretty awesome. When the show finished we said good bye to everyone, which was sad because I personally wish I could have stayed there. It was extremely fun and amazing experience. 1700 is something that I would love to be involved with when I am a little older, because everyone there was over 18 L but anyway, my day was so good and I can’t wait to see what install for the rest of the week ta ta xx


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