Day Two: Behind the Scenes

Tuesday For a technologically challenged individual such as myself, Tuesday was truly a day of milestones.  But then again, the world of media is, and always will be, a world of discovery!!!  For the first half of the day I learned how to use Adobe Audition, a program which is primarily used to record and edit radio segments for broadcast, from Declan, whose patience (considering my ineptitude in regards to technology) was limitless!  Then I had a recording session in the studio for an hour – an hour which flew by on wings as I brainstormed ideas, explored the program and its intricacies, and finally managed to record a basic promo for SYN based on the Superman theme.  Here’s a little of what I recorded: “Got nothing to do? Dying of boredom? Desperate for a solution?  Introducing….the new superman in radio, digital and online form today – SYN MEDIA.”   Not the most original or the best promo, but it was definitely one of the most unique experiences, recording it using professional equipment in a studio setting! For the second half of Tuesday I went behind the scenes with 1700, a seasonal SYN TV show on music which was doing one of its final runs before finishing for the year.  It was my immense privilege to be allowed to literally work behind the scenes as one of the camera-operators, helping to capture scenes which could be aired live.  I finally realised how the scenes on TV can switch so seamlessly from one shot to another – from close-ups to panning shots, etc!  Different cameras capture different angles of the scene, and specific scenes are chosen to be aired at certain times by the crew in the room adjoining the show set, where everything is closely checked and monitored and where all the ‘magicking’ occurs :).  I learned that it’s not just the camera-operators but the close cooperation and communication of the behind-the-scenes team in managing audio, video, hosts, time constraints, all under enormous pressure, in order to create the incredible sensory experience which we know as TV.  To be a part of that team, even for the day – even to be allowed to make mistakes, realise that those mistakes are live on air, and then learn “on the job” – was again, a unique and unforgettable privilege.  Thank you to the 1700 crew, they were incredible – and thank you to the SYN people for a second unforgettable day 🙂 

November 28th 2013
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