Defamation.. Andy Bull… Objection..

Hey Dere… Well the name’s Claudia. I’m been given the chance to spend a week with the fantazmagorical (yes thats one of my made up words for amazing) people at SYN for work experience. Now you might be thinking “mhmm… will I just be getting coffees or photo coping or just admin stuff”. Feel free to admit it because the thought sure did pass through my mind. And I was wrong!! Too kick start the day of course I arrived waaaaayyy early because I cant handle getting to places late or even just a few minutes early haha. As I waited inside the very as mainstreamers would call “indie’ office I flicked threw a small booklet Kristina the Membership and Administrator coordinator had given me until another girl from my school Vanessa had arrived to offically start the day. Together we had a quick tour of “the house” just the building in which will be our life away from home and school for a week. Then across the way to the studios at RMIT, there had a discussion about media law and defamation. Da Da Daaaaaaa ( absolute fail at evil theme song) Learning not to say things which might ruin someones reputation. An example which i quote from Kristina ” Justin Bieber will give you aids if he sneezes on you” which would for sure turn people off the child star. Next up was to help out with some prerecordings for Schools on Air Program so students can be critical about the techincal stuff and be all fancy about it. I then had a break and mhmm oily food… NOM NOM NOM Sorry this is becoming the longest boring blog in history of all blogs. I apologize :/I’m much better at this with pen and paper than I am with magical keyboard buttons…But any way… So after my nom-a-lious oily food my wrapping skills were put to the test when I was assigned the death defing task of wrapping CD’s. It was a true test of office life dealing with paper and I managed to come out of it safe from papercuts and scratches. After that slightly terrifying experience i signed up to start this non funny hardly sarcastic blog of mine.  Tim the executive producer of “Objection” kindly took us to the safe haven of the studios from the apocolyspe of paper, computers and sticky tape to show us first hand what he does as EP ( ooo sa fancy termanology). Good fun just chilling in studio 3 talking about the day and exchanging new songs and different artists. For the remaining hour was spent just listening to the very funny show “objection”. I was asked if I wanted to be on air but being the part time hermet crab I am and hating the sound of my voice, i politely refused. Tim the EP did say if we could get the chance he would happily let us have the chance to go on air on Friday which I think i will enjoy.  On a whole the day was good, definitly different to the life of school and work at a fast food restaruant. I look forward to tomorrow and what it will bring… For now adios amgos…. (Awks if i got that wrong)   


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