“+Dome” – Seekae

With the release of their debut record The Sound of Trees Falling on People  it’s no wonder Seekae have been a band on the rise and one to certainly watch.  Having received critical acclaim, this record launched the three piece electronica  outfit onto the Australian music scene.

Seekae have returned with their second and highly anticipated album +Dome which offers listeners a chance to encounter the highs and lows of emotions. +Dome sees a departure from the debut  The Sound of Trees Falling on People and offers a new beginning for the band with more introspective tracks and the exploration into the darker sounds of Electronica. ‘Go’ sets the tone of the album and evidence of the bands progression with its haunting and moodier edge. The album continues on with ‘Underlying’ which again showcases off the bands developed sound.

Having said that tracks such as ‘Gnor’ and ‘3’ offer a pop sensibility, in light of these darker tracks. This is a refreshing and quick change giving the album a human feel as listeners experience the waves of emotions the album rides. This is also evident in ‘In Reset Head’ bringing literal human connection via the laid back strummed guitar.

Seekae do indeed stick to their electronic stylings and 8 bit synths which helped the band achieve such success.  The album offers intricate layers full of  electronic character and glitchy sounds. Pounding baselines coupled with lightly layered melodies almost make you forget your listening to an electro album as you drift into a state of solitude. The progression into darker themes and haunting sensibilities have helped show that Seekae’s progression and +Dome is an onward and upward step for the band.
-Ciara Glover
(The Hoist, 7-8pm weekdays on SYN)