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SYN is a media organisation run my a community of young people that provides training and broadcast opportunities for young Australians.

More than 5000 young people engage in SYN’s volunteer and training activities per year, allowing SYN to operate two 24-hour broadcast radio channels (SYN 90.7 on FM and SYN Nation on Digital) and produce a range of online audio, video and written media distributed via

Maybe you’re an alumni with a fancy job thanks to the skills developed and nurtured at SYN, maybe you’re a current SYNner who wants to go the extra mile in supporting your community, or maybe you’re the kind of person who believes young people should have a voice in the Australian media; whoever you are, donate today to help SYN engage more young Australians in media production and training!

Financial donations to SYN are tax deductible, and are very much appreciated. From the current crop of SYNners, and on behalf of future generations, thank you.


Fundraising Canva 1

SYN’s End of Financial Year Headphones Fundraiser is now on!

CALLING ALL SYN ALUMNI! Make a tax deductible donation before June 30 and help SYN get some new headphones for our radio studios.

For years, young people have been finding their voice at SYN, and a small percentage of volunteers even hear that voice through a pair of radio studio headphones. We’re calling on past SYNners to help improve the studio experience for the 5000 young people who come to SYN for training and broadcast experience every year.

Just $5 puts us closer to our goal, so send some spare cash our way, share this campaign with your SYN alumni friends and keep young people running the show. For your donation of more than $2 you get a nifty tax deduction and guaranteed warm and fuzzy feelings.

Click here to contribute.


Or why not become a regular donor to SYN?

There are many ways to support SYN all year ’round. Can you show your love for SYN by:

Perhaps you’ve got stuff we could use – can you donate the following items?

SYN is a people powered organisation, and we’ve always got a wishlist of items that our studios and offices are currently in need of. If you can donate any of these items that are in working condition, please get in touch:

  • A mini fridge
  • Braille sign writing equipment or the ability to generate Braille signage
  • Working DSLR cameras
  • Reams of photocopy paper

Need help? Call 9925 4747 or email operations[at]