DAY 1: Hey girl hayyy or boy ( don’t want to be gender discriminant)! I’m Desiree 🙂 Today is the first day of my work experience.It involved a warm welcome to the wonderful place of SYN, i just found out today that it is prounouced “sin” rather than saying each letter individually, which i have be doing incorrectly..oops. Also meeting another person who i am doing work experience with- Joanna ( I hope that is correct) Then shortly having a crash course on media and brodcast law. After that we had to wrap CD bundles and i do apologise to the person who recieves my half ass made package.. haha. Then came my favourite part of the day, having the opportunity to grab a whole bunch of  CD’s and discover new music, however i did stumble upon a CD that i thought  was ‘ simon and garfunkel’ then to discover that it was ‘ SIMONE AND GIRLFUNKLE’ 🙁 oh well! Moral of the story; re-read what it is before you take it home don’t ‘grab and go’, hence the title! Anyway had break, then arrived half way through the staff meeting and then ended the day with Objection that was a good experience, particpated in the Quiz, well tried too, had no clue what half the answers were resulting in coming last with 0 points.. but the people were friendly, but it was a bit awkward cause I had no clue what to say. But all in all it was a great day!   k.thanks.bye.   

September 30th 2013
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