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Drest chats with 1700 for ‘Some1’


1700 host Ebony Jade Weston gives a fresh insight into the 21 year old’s new hit ‘Some1’.

From a small town in New South Wales, to a fresh face on the Melbourne scene, Tristan Doyle, also known as Drest, has our heart strings pulled with his concoction of pop and hip hop. Drest’s new song ‘Some1’ released in late March opens a new chapter for the young artist, with the track radiating more pop energy than most of his previous creations. ‘Some1’ features the sweet guitar riffs of Emilio Dümar as well as some bouncy beats to get jiggy wit in the car, in your bedroom or on the dance floor. The 21-year-old, originally from Berrigan in NSW, has mingled the original pop sounds of Allday and the Kid LAROI to brew this new track that follows a life parallel to that of his own.

“It’s about a time where I had a couple little things going on [with people] … the main line in the song is ‘I’m not trying to be yours I’m just trying to be someone’ and I had to cut off those situations in the interest of focusing on music,” “The whole song is just me trying to justify that decision”
– Drest.

Drest played a headlining show at the Leadbeater Hotel in Richmond on 7th of April and wooed fans and foes alike, playing along-side the likes of Kvnyl, Rukū + Savilian and Chloe: The Band who started the night off with a bang. Those lucky enough to get down to his most recent gig promoting the new release,
would’ve realised just how much Drest has grown into his sound, telling SYN that this is just the beginning of what is to come.

What he didn’t tell SYN though, is that a new acoustic version of ‘Some1’ would be
streaming the day after the Leadbeater show, which is giving bedroom pop mixed in with Drest’s own funky twist that you’ll only understand by listening. Drest left us here at SYN’s 1700 with these last words, for anyone who needs to hear them, “Follow your gut and always put yourself first… If you really want to do it, prioritise it over everything”

‘Some1’ and the ’Some1’ acoustic version by Drest is now out on all streaming platforms. Follow Drest of Instagram and Facebook.

1700 broadcasts every Wednesday and Friday at 5pm on C31 (Digital 44), or online.

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June 3rd 2022
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