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E2: What’s Holding Ethical Fashion Back?

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In this two-part special, we bring in Sigrid McCarthy of Intent Journal to discuss how ethical and sustainable fashion can win over more consumers.

If you’ve been shopping around for ethically-made clothing, you might have noticed a lot of muted linens, loose shapes and classic white shirts floating around. In part one of this episode, we get stuck into why ethical fashion looks the way it does, and why prices are still at a premium. We look into the size issue and ask: how can ethical fashion avoid becoming an elitist pursuit? How can brands bring truly accessible, responsibly-made clothing to us all?

In the final instalment, we offer up a buyer’s guide to shopping ethical fashion – because there’s many ways to shop responsibly which don’t involve saving all your pennies for an organic cotton dress. Sigrid delves into how we can push our favourite brands to be more transparent and gives us tips on how to push back when brands attempt to greenwash. For the designers with small labels listening in – there’s a compelling case in here about teaming up with other local labels to streamline production.

Show Notes:
First world’s secondhand clothing ending up repurposed in Sierra Leone.
Intent Journal

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