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E4: We Talk Fashion and Gender

rain dove

Fashion’s latest infatuation is gender-bending, gender-neutral and unisex clothing. But do clothes even have genders? How do you make gender-neutral clothing? We ask Australian fashion labels Seeker x Retriever and JBC Lingerie to weigh in. Then we chat to our mates Andy, Leah and Holly about what shopping is like when you’re gender non-conforming.

Also in this episode: the origins of that woven straw bag you’ve been seeing everywhere, why t-shirts and blazers are a combination best left in the 2000s.

A quick lowdown on some terms in this episode:
unisex clothing: suitable for both sexes (implicitly acknowledges only two genders)
gender-neutral / gender free clothing: clothing undefined by any gender
cis: short for cisgender. Describes a person whose gender identity corresponds with their birth sex
non-binary: a gender identity that is not restricted to either male or female

– Racked
Why passing is not relevant – i-D
Rain Dove calls herself a “gender capitalist,” meaning she opts to code as a woman or a man depending on which will get her the most out of any given situation. Her
Instagram documents which gender is most powerful in which situation.
Why women dress more like men to assert power, or look less vulnerable. – Lenny Letter

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