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E5: Second-hand and Resale is Taking on Fast Fashion


No longer just for students and bargain hunters, the second-hand fashion market could very well outpace fast fashion in the next decade according to ThredUp’s 2018 report. Brands are catching on, reissuing sought after archive designs in a bid to get a piece of the pie (looking at you, Tommy Hilfiger and FILA).

So what does this all mean for our shopping habits? Slow fashion stylist Jenna Flood joins us to talk about the changing nature of second-hand shopping in Australia, the pitfalls of seemingly ‘guilt-free’ thrifting, and about the helpful role clothing libraries can play in our future retail landscape.

Also in this episode: a chat with Liv and Mon of Recycle Boutique Australia on how the consignment store can be an inclusive shopping experience for all. Plus we get the down-low on selling 2000s era ‘trash’ with Depop-er Tatyana Rutherston.

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Jenna Flood, The Ironic Minimalist


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