Eagle And The Worm – ‘Good Times’

Excitement has grown about Eagle and the Worm ever since they burst onto the Melbourne music scene in 2010. Their hit single ‘All I Know’ was heavily supported by local radio stations and for good reason. It is certainly a standout track on their recently released debut record Good Times.

Listening to Good Times is almost like taking a trip through Western pop history from the 60’s until now in but in a really good way. It puts a smile on your smile when you here something familiar but unique at the same time. This is the sort of album that makes you excited about the Melbourne music scene and Australian music as a whole.
‘Futureman’ is a particular highlight, a sort of rolling jam with a definite wink to the Rolling Stones, particularly with the groove held down by drummer Jim Lawrie and bass player Richard Bradbeer. The song that really sums up this album is ‘Estranged’, a catchy pop rock tune with doubled vocals, plenty of layers and crazy atonal sax interludes that break up the structure.
The beautiful thing about this record is the effort put into production. While there is often a lot going on instrumentally it never seems crowded and confused. All of the vocals, instruments and effects are layered extremely well. It’s clear that this was a particular focus for the record considering at their full force Eagle and the Worm is a 9-piece band complete with horns and hammond. 
What’s important is that it never feels like these tunes are old rehashed songs, more like homage to what has come before and shaped so much of what music people listen to today. There are also clear indications of homegrown influences, particularly Dan Kelly and a nod to his unique interpretation of pop music.
This is an extremely strong debut from a band that is certainly going to continue to carve out its place amongst Australian music.
– Gabe Andrews