Education and training programs

SYN has a range of activities and programs that provide unique learning opportunities to students from all backgrounds and skill levels. Our programs teach digital and multi-literacy to young people from Victoria, providing a hands-on way of learning that engages young people.

SYN is unique in that its education and training programs are delivered via peer-to-peer learning.

SYN is committed to:

  • providing a relevant voice for youth as creators, not just consumers, of media;
  • delivering dynamic, hands-on media training and education;
  • providing access to media learning for as many young people as possible;
  • engaging disaffected students in learning;
  • connecting students with their community.

For more information, check out our Education Brochure, or to get involved, fill out the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form. For further enquiries, contact SYN Education and Training Manager, Nicole Hurtubise or call (03) 9925 4693

Our current trainers are all aged between 16 and 24 and are at the forefront of digital media creation, story-telling, blogging and radio and television production. The current team of SYN trainers offer fun, committed and exciting programs.

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