Eggs and CD’s

Heyyyy i’m Joanna,So today was my first day of work experience at SYN and well yeah it was pretty great.Most of my friends have been asking me ‘why are you doing you work experience in the holidays?’ Which is a pretty good point, but to be fair it’s not like i was going to do anything anyway, except fill my teenagery head with lousy tv shows. When i entered SYN and met the lovely co-ordinator/go-to person Kristina and my work experience buddy…person…comrade? (desiree). I was excited to see that the week that was planned out for me was going to be pretty fun. We started the day with a run through of the rules and media laws etc and went on a tour of the studio and ‘house’. The atmosphere of the place is really nice with lots of cool art and the word ‘dance’ sticky taped to the carpet? Anyway don’t question the logic of others. Our first task was to sought and wrap cd’s that would be given away at various functions and open days. It was actually pretty fun and we got to keep the ones that we liked the look of (i got a tad over excited), i managed to resist the temptation and restricted myself to 25 nice lookin’ ones. We then had break..mmm burritios… and then arrived late to our first staff meeting. Finding out who was behind SYN was really interesting and they were all really friendly people.To finish off the day we got to hang out with the people from the radio program Objection. They were all so cool and kindly let us sit in and participate with their show. They covered topics such as costumes at parties, weegie boards and things that should be invented.  weighted skirts/dresses are a necessity and really, eggs are the key to everything….I’m looking forward to the rest of the week, i hope i don’t embarrass myself too much.  byeeee

September 30th 2013
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