Ashes to ashes, dust to…
Something Completely Different! We farewelled season four and boy did it go out with a bang. A sensationally silly session of Yahooligans! turned sinister suddenly, as the Oscars and the Olympics duked it out to determine which had more prestige. The struggle for Tony’s “Listener of the Season” award quickly intensified, with a home-made board-game of Something Completely Different on the line (allegedly). Discussion turned to acid rain, english muffins, cancer-free con-artists and the very definition of water. It was indeed an especially zany episode of Something Completely Different. If you would like to revisit this season finale, good news: now you can! Go and grab your stream/download of the entire show from the address listed below. In fact, we’ve uploaded our entire back catalogue, so indulge in all of your favourite moments ASAP.

We change up our music from show to show. If you love it, hate it or have any requests at all, we encourage you to get in touch. That goes for any Nigerian princes, too, if you’re out there. Wondering what we played this episode? Feast your eyes on this playlist…
PLAYLIST: Season Four, Episode Ten
The Ting Tings – Hit Me Down Sonny
Duran Duran – Remote Control
Beck – E-Pro
The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema 
Jens Lekman – Straight In At 101
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April 24th 2012
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