Electric Sea Spider (SYNapproved) – Workers Club, 7th of April

There’s a glitch in the Matrix. This guy’s fingers are moving like a concert pianist with tourettes and I’m not entirely sure the crowd knows how to move their bodies to the pulses and waves coming from the speakers. But they are sure as hell trying. SYN Approved presented the up and coming electronic artist Electric Sea Spider at The Workers Club on Thursday night and the air was thick with samples and scratches. Supported by guests of the same ilk (Wooshie, Mikekay and OneTalk) the vibe was all community and bromance with acts talking up the next act with starry eyes and fond words. The room was full of fuzz and sentiment from the get-go which made it a really welcoming environment to enter. Walking into The Workers Club in Fitzroy you’d think you’d entered the set for The Magic Faraway Tree; the walls plastered with a forest backdrop and the scene lit only by candles fighting to flicker through the glass jars they were contained in. This made it all the more surreal when the first act entered stage left and started his set. From then on the night was filled with soul samples, glitchy breakdowns and more bass and snare than you could shake a laptop at.  The acts did everything they could to produce a warm and relaxed environment. The third act OneTalk went as far to eat their dinner mid-set; fork in one hand and drum pad in the other. Everything truly came together when James Sellars AKA Electric Sea Spider came on stage to a burst of applause, the loudest of which coming from the acts supporting him. Humbly announcing they he had, in fact, neglected to practise his set he then mixed a succession of drones and synths that cascaded into a beat that caught the bewildered audience off guard. From there on in there wasn’t a still foot or stationary head on the dance floor. For a man of only twenty he proved he was truly worthy of the pedestal his peers had placed him on earlier throughout the evening. You’ve heard soul and hip-hop before, but never like this. The energy produced from his set could only be described as primal as no one in the audience would move their body the way they thought they had intended, his beats making the dancers resort to instinct whilst jerking and grinding to this new world they had been thrust in to. There is a shining new future for the Australian electronic scene and with such young artists pioneering the frontier it’s a future that will continue to make us all throw shapes and attempt to pull off complex dance manoeuvres we’re yet incapable of for many years to come.- Jonty Thompson.


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