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ayden Forster on the perception model Jessica Hart has turned her back on Australia


JESSICA Hart is a style consultant for the national airline Qantas, but the Aussie model is no longer living in Australia.


Hart, who was born in Melbourne but moved to the US almost ten years ago, has renounced her country of birth for the US in a recent interview.


The 29-year-old beauty said she felt pressure to “conform” in Australia more so than in the Big Apple.


“Unique people are the kind who get noticed here,” she told Convicts, a New York store and digital platform.


“At home you were always trying to conform, and here I kind of felt free to be myself. Or at least wear jeans and converse instead of heels and makeup to a casting.


“Here is home. I used to always refer to Australia as home. And I feel terrible saying it, but now it really is home here.”


An ambassador for an Australian company living outside of Australia is definitely not a good look, but Celebrity Lane blogger Jayden Forster says her place of residency would not affect her ability to represent that brand.


“She is a global ambassador. She is not an ambassador for Australia only or New Zealand or even China for that matter. She is a high-profile celebrity who is on the world stage and there is nothing that says ambassadors have to live here in order to represent the brand, and do it well, which she is,” he said.


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