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Ep #5 Podcast and Playlist

Emerging soul/pop/R&B artist Francesca Gonzales joined us for a chat today as Bel’s Mystery Birthday Caller (11:15), the girls talk unusual insults (19:00), and ‘Namasay Really!?’ returns as nokia decides to bring back the slide phone (01:40).

PLUS plenty more antics, chit-chat and laughs to get your stomach muscles stretched!


  1. Saturday - Twin Shadow ft. HAIM
  2. Forces - Japanese Wallpaper ft. Airling
  3. Missing Me - Angie McMahon
  4. Ghost - Halsey
  5. Better Person - Francesca Gonzales
  6. Thank You and Sorry - Maddy Jane
  7. Need You - Flight Facilities ft. NÏKA
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