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Ep #7 Podcast and Playlist

With Demi away, Bel and Issy got to run rampant on the show today! They talked bringing the Walkman back (01:55), called Demi at her holiday location (06:21), touched on Katy Perry’s contestant kiss on American Idol (12:25), played St Patrick’s Day segment “To Be Sure, To Be Sure, To Be Not Sure…?” (16:27), and ‘Namasay Really!?’ returned (24:03)!

PLUS plenty more antics, chit-chat and laughs to get your stomach muscles stretched!


  1. Freakin Out - SAFIA
  2. Morning Person - Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird
  3. My Boy - Billie Eilish
  4. Semiotic Vision - Approachable Members of Your Local Community
  5. Nothing to Regret - Robinson
  6. Someone New - Hozier
  7. Bad Bad News - Leon Bridges
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