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Front & Centre Episode 10: Thursday 21st September


It’s the Front & Centre TEDxYouth Special!!! Sean and Julza are especially excited to interview not one, but two guests. The boys get the honour of speaking with Emily Wurramara, a young, indigenous, environmental activist who performed at TEDxYouth Sydney, and Macinley Butson, a 16-year-old inventor and genius who has won worldwide science competitions and it set to change the world. That’s not all though! Sean and Julza also talk about the bizarre laws against solar power in Florida, and the drive-through-funeral trend taking over Japan’s billion-dollar funeral industry. Oh, and don’t forget about the upcoming Doomsday on Saturday 23rd September! Happy listening!


  1. Windows - Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment
  2. Hold - Vera Blue
  3. Black Smoke - Emily Wurramara
  4. Run for Cover - The Killers


Emily Wurramara – Indigenous musician and environmental activist who sings in her native Aboriginal dialect
Macinley Butson – 16-year-old inventor with big ideas that are already changing the world

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