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Front & Centre Episode 11: Thursday 28th September


What a plot twist for Episode 11 of Front & Centre, we’re not interviewing just any incredible young person, we’re having a conversation with the especially amazing General Manager of SYN, Tess Lawley! This is the perfect episode to listen to if you’re aspiring to be in the radio industry, because Tess has some amazing advice for all us dreamers. Speaking of dreamers, one crazy man fantasised of the perfect break-up, so he paid a thief to steal his girlfriend’s stuff to make it easier! Not a great plan. You know what else isn’t a great plan? Rapper BoB raising $1 million to launch a satellite into space to prove the world is flat! At least there’s the forever wholesome Octlantis to keep Sean and Julza sane.


  1. Brassy Sun - S. Carey
  2. Boss Bitch - Lazertits
  3. Run Away With Me - Carly Rae Jepson
  4. Mercury - Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dressner, Nico Muhly, & James McAllister
  5. Bad at Love - Halsey


Tess Lawley – General Manager of SYN Media, who also sits on the board of PBS, presents on RRR, and has worked with the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, absolutely paving her way through media in Melbourne.

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