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Front & Centre Episode 1: Thursday 20th July

Katia Pellicciotta Discord

In the first episode of Front & Centre, Sean and Julza discuss the unfathomable amount of trees planted in India and the mysterious Broken Heart Syndrome, before interviewing the super cool Katia Pellicciotta, co-founder of the art zine, Discord.

Discord, a homegrown print publication collating “art that makes you uncomfortable”, is an engaged conversation with a close friend. It can be hilarious, heartbreaking, “YES!”-level relatable, awkward, sneaky, sexy. Nothing is too much, too off-centre, too underdiscussed for Discord.
The zine gives creative control to makers of all backgrounds. Georgia, Katia, and Sam, along with their subeditors, work closely with each contributor to develop their practice through the submission and commission processes.
Befriend them!
Instagram: @discordzine


  1. Have Some Love - Childish Gambino
  2. Komorebi - Craft Spells
  3. How Much Does Your Love Cost? - Thelma Plum
  4. You're Not Gonna Buy That Shirt - Hannah Kate
  5. Palo Alto - Jack River
  6. Blood - City Calm Down


Katia Pellicciotta (she/her) writes sometimes and draws moretimes. She cofounded and coedits Discord Zine, with Georgia Bunker (she/her) and Sam Hansford (he/him).

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