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Front & Centre Episode 2: Thursday 27th July

Front & Centre Episode 2

Have you ever seen a beached whale in Paris? Or wanted to own an island in Scotland? That’s the interesting news Sean and Julza will be discussing in Episode 2 of Front & Centre, followed by an interview with the awesome indie folk bro-sis duo Miss Eileen and King Lear, who even play a live song for us! Check them out on Facebook!



  1. Gopuru - Dr G Yunupingu
  2. Cold Summers - Crepes
  3. Roll Up Your Sleeves - Meg Mac
  4. All Outta Luck (Live In-Studio) - Miss Eileen and King Lear
  5. Drama ft Drapht - Kate Miller-Heidke
  6. Held By The Air - Miss Eileen and King Lear


Miss Eileen and King Lear РHailing from Northern New South Wales via Melbourne’s north, Eileen and Lear Hodgkins combine forces in their harmony-rich mix of rock, indie-folk and pop stylings, creating a dynamic and energetic pair.

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