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Front & Centre Episode 3: Thursday 3rd August

F&C Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Front & Centre, Sean and Julza discuss the miraculous rediscovery of the Dinosaur Ant, the baffling state of the Venezuelan currency, and the addictive and dangerous sport of Pigeon Racing that is leading to increased divorce rates in Indonesia. They are also lucky enough to interview the awesome Nick Pearce from HoMie, a social enterprise dedicated to providing pathways and opportunities to individuals experiencing homelessness.


  1. On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
  2. Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
  3. Classic feat. Fetty Wap and Powers - The Knocks
  4. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness - The National
  5. One Foot In - Ali Barter
  6. Pool Party - Julia Jacklin


HoMie – A Melbourne-Based Social Enterprise dedicated to providing pathways and opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness.

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