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Front & Centre Episode 4: Thursday 10th August

Episode 4 F&C

The world’s leaders really are crazy, especially in Episode 4 of Front & Centre, where Sean and Julza gush over Putin’s glorious 46 minute, topless fishing propaganda video, and admire Sir Trump-a-Lot (copyright Sean) and his ‘Real News,’ channel that totally delivers completely real news for sure. Your favourite radio presenters then interview the incredible Isabella Moore, a young woman who runs a music blog, Homemade Dynamite, has worked for Triple J Unearthed AND helps run an underage music festival called XraySpeX… and she’s only 15! What a show!!!


  1. All We Got (feat. Kanye West and Chicago Children's Chior) - Chance the Rapper
  2. Magnolia - Gang of Youths
  3. I Was a Teenage Anarchist - Against Me!
  4. Girlie Bits - Ali Barter
  5. Saved - Khalid
  6. Magnificent - Hannah Kate


Isabella Moore – Music Blogger behind Homemade Dynamite, superuser and Triple J host, and booker and curator of underage music festival XraySpeX, all at the young age of 15!

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