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Front & Centre Episode 7: Thursday 31st August


It was a beautiful day in Melbourne during Episode 7, but not so much in New York and China, where sinkholes seem to be swallowing people up, left, right and (Front &) centre, and in America, where nuns are up to no good, robbing banks! On the brighter side, the 10th annual World Gravy Wrestling happened this week in Manchester… ok… It was also a beautiful and inspiring interview with Monique Trsuler of the VFLW Box Hill Hawks, teaching us about the hard work it takes to be the best of the best, which includes running distances Sean and Julza couldn’t imagine. Tune in for an extra 10 minutes of interview not aired live, including an extra quick fire question!


  1. Provider - Frank Ocean
  2. Between Two Lungs - Florence & The Machine
  3. Shake It Out - Florence & The Machine
  4. Talk is Cheap - Chet Faker
  5. Murder to the Mind - Tash Sultana
  6. Pretty Lovers - Client Liason


Monique Trusler – VFLW player for the Box Hill Hawks with big dreams for a future AFL career

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